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Les Bains de Marrakech

Kader Boufraine, a Frenchman of Moroccan origin, dreamed of building a place where he would recreate the friendly atmosphere that reigned in his childhood’s authentic hammam. As creative and bold as he was, his idea was to give a new aspect to the traditional hammam by integrating occidental influences, without losing its original spirit.

In 1998 he acquired land located in the heart of Marrakech, at the doors of the Medina. Three years later he began to lay the foundation of what would later become a riad and a spa.

As one of the forerunners of private hammams, Kader Boufraine developed his concept by creating double massage rooms and duo baths. This gives his clients the possibility of enjoying their cares as a couple, with their family or friends, in a calm and soothing environment. This revolutionary idea can now be found in spas around the world.

In 2008 he decided to put a halt to his hotel in order to fully focus his time on the spa techniques in Les Bains de Marrakech.

Nourished by more than ten years of experience, surrounded by cosmetic experts, and motivated by a loyal customer base, Kader Boufraine is launching a range of products from Les Bains de Marrakech. These products from Moroccan sourcing and French production are guaranteed 100% natural by our research and development laboratories. A unique opportunity to find all the benefits of a spa in the comfort of your own home, through these professional treatments and care products.

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