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Our values

A world-renowned spa
Located in the heart of Marrakech, right at the doors of the Medina, Les Bains de Marrakech welcomes you to an intimate and relaxing spa, a source of well-being for your body and spirit.
A subtle bridge between the present and the past, our spa combines authenticity and modernity.
Our unique expertise attracts more and more cosmopolitan clients.

Massage techniques and professional treatments
Our massage techniques, designed by cosmetology experts and spa professionals who are specialized in vital facial and body energies, have precise targeted actions.
Our acupressure treatment techniques are adapted to each and every one of our clients’ problems and skin types.
Our masseuses are all qualified. They are regularly trained and use 100% natural products which are specifically created for institutes and resale to offer efficient treatments.

Professional and 100% natural products
Discover, or continue, the spa’s enchanting experience at home with Les Bains de Marrakech cosmetic products.
All our products come from Moroccan sources and are conceptualized in France by our research laboratories.
100% natural and professional, they are the result of the subtle combination of a selection of natural ingredients from organic farming and a blend of active ingredients, patented for the most part.


Our spa’s exceptionnal service :
Since everyone deserves that special attention, Les Bains de Marrakech promises to take complete care of everything and guarantees an irreproachable service quality for a unique experience.

Constant regeneration
As you are our main source of inspiration and since cutting-edge cosmetics are always evolving, our massage techniques, treatments and the formulation of our products are always revisited and improved by our experts and scientists in our research laboratories.

100% natural ingredients and a rigorously controlled formulation
We take our products’ authenticity, safety and efficiency very seriously. We apply a very rigorous quality charter and run many dermatologic tests.

What you will find in our products:

  • A selection of organic and natural ingredients 
  • The best vegetable oils (Argan, Apricot kernel, prickly pear, sesame, macadamia, cotton, coco…) 
  • Shea and Mango butter 
  • Honey 
  • Rose and orange blossom water 
  • Kaolin 
  • Bitter orange and sweet lavender essence 
  • Bee’s wax 
  • Sea salts 
  • active extracts of milk 
  • Repairing natural ultra-soft foaming agents 
  • Regenerating, protecting, antioxidant and anti-aging patented assets (Hydracire S, Gatuline expression, Gatuline Skin-Repair BIO, Epaline…) 

What you will not find in our products:

  • Parabens 
  • Phenoxyethanol 
  • Mineral Oils and Silicone 
  • Artificial coloring 
  • Synthetic perfumes 
  • Sulphate 
  • GMOs 
  • BMPs 
  • Ingredients from animals (except for those that are naturally produced, like honey) 
  • Synthetic perfumes in our creams

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