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SPA Fontainebleau

Les Bains de Marrakech Fontainebleau ( France)

For ‘Les Bains de Marrakech’, Fontainebleau SPA, which opened in January 2015, is the model that all cities wishing to satisfy a demanding clientele, should aspire to.

In an area of 150 m2, Kader Boufraine and craftsmen have recreated an exceptional venue where dreams come true, dedicated to well-being and intense relaxation.

We find Fontainebleau to feel like home; with its enchanted ambiance, its soothing and intimate atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy comfort and care.

With a relaxation room, a traditional hammam, an exfoliation room and 3 massage rooms, Fontainebleau SPA has all the characteristics of large spa facilities.

Dedicated to the local clientele, it makes the concept created and developed by Marrakech, through a decade of research and development leading to unique beauty treatments and rituals, based on 100% natural products, available to the city’s population.

Kader Boufraine also presents ‘Les Bains de Marrakech’ product range at Fontainebleau. Sourced from Morocco and manufactured in France, it is guaranteed 100% natural by our research and development laboratory, so you can enjoy all the benefits of the spa, in the privacy of your own home.

Fontainebleau is the first ‘Bains de Marrakech’ established in a French city: with the professionalism that we know he has, Kader Boufraine waited a long time to launch this new project. He wanted to be sure to offer the best. By his success, Fontainebleau embodies a SPA model that should not be the last of its kind in France.

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